"I believe that it's possible, just really, really hard", was the thought that led to the launch of MARBLE.

My first major project, The London Vandal, ran from 2009-2016.

We were participants, journalists, and publishers in the graffiti community. A lifestyle which introduced me to graffiti writers, street-artists, graphic designers and contemporary artists from all walks of life. Spray cans and stencils, pencils and paintbrushes, cameras and computers. We collaborated with a select few artists to produce t-shirts which showcased their work and which we sold to our supporters in order to bankroll the publication's progress. These collaborations were the seed of an idea that continues on in this project.

Working with these talented creators opened my eyes to something that hadn't occurred to me before, the opportunity for entrepreneurial artists to make a living by creating items which feature their artwork in print. The world over, I came to understand, visual artists are building a life for themselves in this way. Facilitated by the Internet, they connect to like-minded people who are willing to support their continued progress. I wanted to be a part of this movement of technology-enabled creatives going it alone.

"What do you have to lose?", I asked myself for weeks on end. I tried to work out why I shouldn't put myself out there and just see if I got a response. It was scary for sure, and I was certain that it would be an ongoing struggle to make it work. On the other hand, I remain convinced that you can't make a worse choice than the choice not to even try. "Maybe the lessons I learned working on The London Vandal might help me to get started"?

The decision was made.

I locked myself in a room for a substantial period of time, while I developed my skills as an artist and as a producer of premium quality items. Scrunched up balls of paper and a worn out "delete" key. Days at a time were spent re-studying the artistic and cultural reference points I had opted to draw on. Manga, hip-hop culture, graffiti and contemporary art, the things which continue to inspire me to pick up a pencil, would be my source. I thought deeply about what I wanted MARBLE to offer and I sought out partnerships with suppliers who are as passionate about their work as I am about mine.

The result is MARBLE, which I hope will demonstrate continued progression and will connect to some of the people who stumble upon it. Proudly crafting premium quality items, made to the highest ethical standards available.

Welcome to MARBLE.

You can message me at or just holla at me on Instagram.

- Keegan